Decore your Room with Blockboard

Blockboard is also known as lumber core. It is very similar to plywood and many people get confused between the two. Blockboard is made using softwood strips which are put inside the veneers os other boards made of hardwood, medium-density fiberboard or particleboard and sometimes even softwood. The softwood is put inside the veneer with the help of high pressure, heat, and glue.

There are many usages of blockboard. Blockboards are used for the construction of railway parts, boats, and different parts of marine vehicles. They are used widely for small-scale projects like the making of different kinds of furniture like doors, wardrobe doors, paneling, partitions, etc. The commonly found blockboards in the market are 8x4 feet, 7x4 feet, 7x3 feet, 6x4 feet, 6x3 feet. The blockboard also comes in various kinds of thickness like 16mm, 19 mm, 25 mm, 35 mm, 50 mm, etc. Blockboards are usually made from various kinds of timber. They make the furniture strong and stiff. They also prevent the furniture from bending proportionally.

Types of Blockboards

There are mainly two types of blockboards in the market. They are BWP Blockboard and MR Blockboard.

  • BWP Blockboard: BWP Blockboard or the Boiling Water Proof Blockboard is the kind of blockboard that can be resistant to humidity. That is why it will be suitable for places that are humid in nature. These kinds of blockboards are usually used in railways, the kitchen, etc.
  • MR Blockboard: MR Blockboard or Moisture Resistant blockboard is the kind of blockboard that as the name suggests, is resistant to the Moisture. These kinds of boards are used inside the houses, wall panels, wall partitions, etc. They are also very efficient as doors, wardrobes, tables, and many other kinds of furniture.

According to the usage of these blockboards, they can be divided into two major types. These are:

  • Commercial Types: The commercial type f blockboards are made from commercial timbers. They are mainly used for making different kinds of furniture. Tables, partitions, floorings are made from these types of blockboards. In the outdoors, they are used to make seats and many other parts of ordinary everyday vehicles like buses, trams, trains, etc.
  • Decorative Types: As the name suggests, the decorative types of blockboards are used for decorative purposes. The veneers of these kinds of blockboard come with beautiful decorations that are used to make stylish furniture, interior decorative artifacts, stylish partitions, etc.

Benefits of Blockboard

There are several benefits of blockboards. Below are some of the benefits of it:

  • Blockboards are lightweight but they are also very strong and stable.
  • They are very good for doors and wardrobe doors because they will not bend as time passes.
  • Blockboards are fairly easy to produce and cut.
  • They are very resistant to cracking because of their stability.
  • Blockboards last longer than plywood. Softwood has a very stable long life.


Blockboard is a very necessary item in everyday life and in different kinds of constructive work. Their strength, stability, and long life make them very useful.